landscape 4

Class Description

This class is designed for photographers who already understand how to operate their cameras and are ready to learn how to compose a better photograph to create a more striking image. This class will focus on the more basic rules of composition and teach you how to use them to improve your images.

Take this class if you are looking to learn how to take your images from simple snapshots to images that will leave others in awe. This class is an entry-level overview of the rules of composition.

Next Steps...

Classes held at a location of your choice.

Zoom classes available for out of area students.

Prices vary based on group size.

1 on 1 instruction: $75 per person

2 - 3 people: $55 per person

4 - 10 people: $40 per person

NOTE: Please include in your email the name of the class you are requesting, possible dates and times of interest, and the number of people in your group. A member of the ISO team will work with you to finalize class details.